Dancing Queen & Disco King: TOMATE! GLAM! ROCKT!

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The real joy of making music lies in doing it together with others! On the 18th of June, we will finally be back with a big concert. Our young talents and the youth symphony orchestra will play at the WABE. You can expect glam rock classics with lots of glitter!

From 7pm onwards, about 150 children and teens will showcase their talent! There will be 13 bands, one soloist, three orchestra and three musical ensembles throughout the evening. To give you an idea of the night: With the youth symphony orchestra, Julia has rehearsed two epic glam rock classics, get excited for “Dancing Queen” by ABBA and “Life on Mars?” by David Bowie. At the very end of the night, our teachers will, in varying constellations, show what they’ve got!

Children can attend free of charge, adults pay 12 Euros.
There is a limited amount of tickets, please don’t forget to pre-order your tickets!

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