🍅 Important reminders regarding our students’ safety


Dear parents, students, coworkers, and friends,

Please stick to these few rules to ensure the music school to stay open and our students to stay healthy: 

1. You are required to wear a mask in all rooms in the school, we recommend wearing a mask during the classes, more information www.tomatenklang.de/hygienekonzept

2. Parents, or others who accompany the kids, have to wait outside, unless a child is nervous and needs support going inside! Should you participate in a course for parents and children both, you can obviously all enter the school.

3. Unvaccinated teachers get tested daily and document these tests to the tomatenklang staff

4. Grown-up students are required to document either their vaccination or their test from that day to their teachers

5. With regard to courses for parents and children, the parents have to follow the 2G rule (vaccinated or recovered from Covid), the parents can participate and enter the rooms only if this is guaranteed 

The majority of our teachers – more than the national average! – is recovered and/or vaccinated and gets tested out of a sense of responsibility towards their students every work day, either via self testing or in a test centre.

Let’s stay cautious and protect especially our young tomatoes!