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Dear students, parents, and friends of tomatenklang,

Now it is official and we too have to close our rooms in order to minimize the spread of the corona virus. Unfortunately, some events, among others “Tomate Rockt!”, have to be postponed or cancelled. This makes us sad and we are aware that many of you have been looking forward to the concerts.

However, this doesn’t mean that we are leaving you behind; quite the opposite: In order for us to keep fulfilling our duty of educating you, we have already introduced our online lessons a couple of days ago.

Transition to online lessons

All teachers continue to be available, giving lessons via Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom or other online media networks. We made good experiences in the past days which have shown that even without direct contact the teaching of music is still possible. We will keep broadening our system and adapting it to your needs.

Regarding this, please contact your teachers directly; this is the easiest and most direct way. Only a couple of clicks away your teachers await, providing classes as per usual, in spite of the unusual situation.

Following events have been cancelled or delayed until further notice:

21st of March – carousel day
28th of March – band coaching meeting for “Tomate Rockt!”
4th of April – class play Yorick Lohse
1st of May – blowing against the right wing
6th of June – “Tomate Rockt!”

Transparency and communication

We will keep updating you in the next days and weeks, informing you about the current situation. We will also be available via e-mail and telephone as per usual. Don’t hesitate to contact us regarding any insecurities about the situation!

Be safe and stay healthy!
Your tomatenklang team and me