Gavin Taylor

I'm Gavin. I love playing music and I love teaching people! I was born in Scotland and started playing music at 14. My passion for music and the guitar has broadened through the years. I took a few lessons from a great local blues guitarist (Jim Condi) and spent the next 10 years learning all I could by ear. I eventually embraced formal music education and loved it. I graduated From Salford University in 2000 with a 1st class honours degree. And since then I've continued to learn through the process of teaching my students and also through self study. Of course playing out professionally has taught me what's required to make a career in music. There is just so much to learn! I played professionally in the UK for over 30 years, but in the summer of 2018, while I was on tour around Europe, I got Inspired while playing around some amazing sessions. Following my musical intuition I decided to move to Berlin to continue my musical journey. For the last 16 years I have also been playing a lot of Slide Guitar both the standard Guitar and the Dobro (Resonoponinc Suare Neck Guitar) and Lap-Steel Guitar. I have become a specialist on the Dobro. You can check out some of my recent lessons by clicking link below:
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